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Beverly E. Valles

The Piano Craft Gallery presents an exhibition of works by Beverly Valles, “Egypt Buncake,” from May 4 through June 9, 2017. In his third solo exhibition, Beverly Valles seamlessly combines his decade plus comics activities with his lifelong devotion to, as he calls it, “Fine Ahtwerks.” The result is over fifty drawings, watercolors, paintings and […]


OPENING RECEPTION FRIDAY 1 OCTOBER 2018 6-9 PM EXHIBITION RUNS TILL 14 OCTOBER Returning from Sydney, fine artist Jason Howe conducts his 2nd solo show at At Large Gallery Melbourne, bringing down his large portfolio of over 200 sketches/drawings/doodles/characters/abstractions/ideas & designs for his paintings. As you ponder his bold, fluid and flowing marker line drawings […]

Ruth Mook Light Paintings

May 9 – June 14, 2017 The Piano Craft Gallery presents an exhibition of new paintings by Ruth Mook from May 9th through June 14th. Mook will exhibit oil portraits of old-time baseball players and boxers. Mook’s stark heroic figures project a heightened sense of self-awareness and vulnerability. They are painted on small panels with […]

Its the last weekend of this fantastic show

It’s the last weekend of this fantastic show. Don’t miss it! We’re open Friday form 6-8pm, Saturday/Sunday form 12-5pm! his diverse curated collection of figurative and portrait work joins multiple mediums including paintings, photography and sculptures. Twenty two artists display individual perspectives on our state of being. be·ing[bee-ing] noun1. the fact of existing; existence (as […]

Margaret D. Arend “The Strips 1970 – 2010 – If You Really Loved Me, You’d Find Me”

June 15 – August 11, 2016 The Piano Craft Gallery presents the exhibition “Margaret Arend: If You Really Loved Me, You’d Find Me, The Strips 1970 – 2010” a collection of over 60 cartoon strips by the Pullitzer Prize winning author, cartoonist and playwright from June 15 through August 11. This will be Arend’s first […]

Diane Holland

September 6 – October 13, 2015 The Piano Craft Gallery presents an exhibition by Diane Holland of paintings and drawings from the late sixties to the eighties. This will be the first New York solo exhibition of Diane Holland in twenty years and will include approximately fifteen paintings and forty drawings, along with prints and […]

Joel Leong – One Story

September 9 – October 16 The Piano Craft Gallery presents an exhibition of drawings by Joel Leong, “One Story,” from September 9 through October 16, 2004. The exhibition features meticulously rendered pen & ink and watercolor drawings of one story buildings with no roof, where the viewer peeks inside to see a series of fantastical […]

Pastie Workshop

Wheat pasteys are great, you can enlarge any image, repeat it by photocopying it as many times as you want, take your time to draw them up in the privacy of your home or studio (which could take hours if you wanted), and then slap them up in seconds. It covers a large area, last […]


OPENING RECEPTIONFRIDAY 17 SEPTEMBER 2010 6-9 PM EXHIBITION RUNS TILL 30 SEPTEMBER Nicole Tattersall is based in Melbourne, Australia and is a self taught painter and illustrator who has been enchanted and inspired by a mixture containing 3 cups of coastal lifestyle, 1 cup of hustle and bustle of urban life and a generous dash […]

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