Pastie Workshop

Wheat pasteys are great, you can enlarge any image, repeat it by photocopying it as many times as you want, take your time to draw them up in the privacy of your home or studio (which could take hours if you wanted), and then slap them up in seconds. It covers a large area, last a while in weather and best of all is solid and bold.

This Workshop is for anyone that wants to learn more about making large scale wheat pasties on the street. We have had a lot of cats come in and ask about the kind of ink and paper to use, how to make glue etc etc. So we have decided to do this workshop due to demand and to share the knowledge of how to execute this simple yet effective artform. We may run another one next year but for now its a one-off.
Bookings essential, Very Limited Spots. Please Register your interest and we will keep you updated with costs and dates (it will be affordable, and in Nov/Dec 2012)
Please note this workshop is designed for younger audiences and will be in the school holidays, however anyone can come regardless of age if you think you can help, offer advice, or want to learn more about pasteys.

Things we will cover in this Workshop:

– What Paper, Markers and Inks to use that will withstand weather and rain
– A Step By Step demo on how to make strong durable wheat paste, quickly and cost efficiently
– How to transfer small images into large scale paste ups
– Learn what makes a good strong design to use as an image
– Talk about the legalities of postering such as paste ups in relation to graffiti charges
– Cover other Materials and Supplies you will need to take with you on your missions out
– How to get em up if they are large
– Few Hours of Hands on Practice
– Answering any questions you may have regarding the topic
– Guest speakers

We will also briefly touch on Stencils but will hold a seperate workshop for this. So please mention which workshop you are interested in when emailing. Thanks look forward to hearing from you soon!

Pastie Workshop
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